Well I hope I haven’t lost my touch…

I really hope I haven’t!

What touch did I have though? My writing style is simple and I am just here to merely share and entertain those who wish to read further… Yes, this blog is for me to look back on and use as a tool for expressing myself honestly and such, but these words are for you as well! It has been some time and I happily followed the impulse to write today, which brings me here to share a story about Mt. Baker, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mount Baker.

There has been so much adventure in my life in the past few months, I’ve still continued to be quite the daredevil, though I’ve managed to tone it down with regards to fast engines and uncontrollable circumstances. This being said, I most certainly have found myself in some odd scenarios where I really wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. This includes the unusual date I had last week and the lecture I had from my grandmother about smoking. So I know I lead on with the story of Mt. Baker but my train of thought has totally moved! I begin writing about how my life has been adventurous and then I start things off with a lecture from my grandmother, oh man, maybe I have lost my touch.

Let’s come back shall we. I have yet to reach the summit of this mountain, the journey up felt like minutes not days, the temperature was consistent not ever changing, the food in my belly was mainly cashews and Vega protein bars but the canned salmon I was always craving waited until I reached my mark. The summit was my mark. Hiking this mountain with my cousin Luke was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever entered into, and been completely present for. That is the best way to describe the hiking of Mt. Baker, the creation of presence. You focus on what’s in front of you so your steps are solid, yet with your peripheral vision you scan the valley and only dream of being at the top to feel like you are at one with the clouds. I have had quite the spiritual journey in my young years, and what happened on this mountain ensured my belief in a high power; be it The Universe, God, Allah, Jesus, Love, whatever you find fitting for your perception.

Me and Luke did not reach the summit of Mt. Baker, we merely scanned the mid section. Just over a day into our journey we found ourselves being pelted with ice balls from the sky but little to our knowledge we were not the only ones who weren’t expecting a storm. In the distance we heard shouting, and us being the way we are we took all of our gear and moved towards the concerning screams. In the distance we saw little lights, and what seemed to be fireflies turned out to be casts of flame burning out on the surface of the mountain. We entered the vicinity of a shamans chanting.

To this day we still have questions, though what we witnessed on that day was remarkable. Luke and I covered underneath the spreading of the treetops, gazing at what we saw as a ritual. Suddenly the storm stopped and all became calm. Three individuals, because quiet as ghosts at the sudden knowledge of our presence. With their awareness pointed towards us, we quickly became defensive yet even more intrigued, we stood still and did little to hide ourselves. These three “chanters” walked towards us and back, like they were doing the cha-cha, now to put this into perspective to those who have read this far, it was like they were making eye contact, running towards us, and then running away. All at once they began chanting again, and suddenly the storm began, with each and every chanter choosing to bow to us, and we did nothing other than bow back.

On that day we acknowledged those “chanters” as equals no matter what they had in their heads as to who they really were, and this brought me back to treating all as equal. I truly believe that they could have done some serious damage to us, though that was the last thing on their minds. These individuals looked not only like true spiritual beings, but warriors. Has anything like this ever happened to you before?

This was one of the craziest yet coolest experiences of my life, and my biggest take away was looking at a cat like I would my mother, looking at a dog like I would my father, looking at a stranger like I would my best friend until they gave me a reason to treat them otherwise. This was a beautiful venture and even though we headed home the same day this experience occurred, we both took something spiritual away.

I have some interesting stories to share about my journey as groundsman for a tree company on the Island to, please don’t hesitate to persuade me for more details, I will talk to you all very soon!