The Old Truck And Camper Package

Oh man oh man do I have stories about this old kit of mine… I no longer have her in my possession but I am sure who ever has her is taking good care of her. Yes, I am talking about my beautiful old GMC… I worked for a drain service company living in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada. The owner of the company owned this truck before me and I ended up snagging it from him for overtime hours! Blessed I am, this old beaut got me to music festivals, family gatherings, dates, paintball competitions, and so much more… Do you have a vehicle that brings back memories like the ones flowing through my brain right now? The amount of flashbacks I am having is absolutely insane, I knew starting this blog would be a good idea!



Now this photo I am sharing with you all isn’t my truck.

  1. It’s a Chev
  2. Mine Was Garnet
  3. A Year Too Early

I wanted to give some form of imagery, unfortunately the photos I did have of my beautiful old GMC are long gone; burned and forgotten. (This is a story for another time…) Now this is what I could find that I could ‘legally’ use, if you would like to see a truly beautiful piece of machinery go back to the year 1970 and find yourself a GMC Pickup. I just noticed how I worded this… Well, if you have a time machine please do message me and explain exactly how it works as if I could go back and relive some of my memories with this truck and camper package, I would.

After getting the truck for an absolutely wicked deal, I searched for a camper. Reminiscing about the deal I got brings back a lot of good memories working for that drain service company. Only put in a couple years with those guys but wow, amazing people and always a fantastic working environment. Might give some old friends a call one of these days, writing about this is really bringing me back. Anyways, before I veer too far off course, I ended up finding an 11.5ft camper in the back of a pickup at a local gas station. I stuck a note in the drivers window and received a phone call two or three days later asking what I was willing to give for it in trade. I wasn’t even asked for cash! So what did I do? I traded a dirt bike me and my brother Jesse put hours of work into… Does this give you an idea as to how badly I wanted that truck and camper package? I am so happy now that I can look back and see the value of those sacrifices, it’s amazing what humans do for what they want! 

If I have learned anything in this life so far it’s the importance of sacrificing something good, for something better. I hope those of you who made the decision to read this far found value in my little article, I really enjoy writing; even if nobody makes the decision to read it.