The Best Tree Service Company I Could Imagine Working For

I am going to start this off by saying how fortunate I have been with employment in my life, and this is another blessing that has come my way. I worked for months on end as a groundsman and apprentice tree climber for a wonderful company called Tree Service Nanaimo. These guys treated me like I was a journeyman! Certfied ISA arborists who would look at the rookie with the intentions of helping him grow, not making him feel like he is a mouse and they are raccoons (cause I have worked in trades where that is the theme).

This opportunity taught me a lot about safety, a lot about specific tree removal procedures and services, and let me tell you something guys, that stuff is no joke; nothing but hard work as a groundsman! The only break I felt I had was when I was forced to walk the falling lines where there was no chance the debris would hit me, and once it was grounded I would be the one to haul it away! This doesn’t sound like the greatest gig does it? One thing that it really was was an honor to work with Tree Service Nanaimo. Ivan and his team of arborists made me feel at home and even though my stay was short I would recommend working in the tree service industry as long as you can find a company that is willing to treat you right.

Let me be clear when I say that the back breaking work that comes along with the job does have it’s perks, I lost twenty pounds! I managed to completely reshape my body in a very short period of time, but without the positive atmosphere I was put into, I seriously doubt that would have been possible.

Now unfortunately I wasn’t with the company long enough to become a certified apprentice, I had other plans and that involved more traveling, more experiencing, and more uncertainty of my permanent residence. I have been doing a lot of traveling, finding myself in a variety of situations that I really can’t explain; that’s because following my true pull has become easier and easier.

I encourage all those who read my words to look deep within themselves and ask yourself this question: “Do I create my future?” 

If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track. It’s possible for some habitual close minded thinking to come into play here, and that is fair, we all do it instinctively these days because of fear. Stepping outside the known and comfort zone is a leap of faith, and we don’t naturally like to do that unless we were brought up a very particular way. Thankfully, we have the ability to choose and that is a blessing. You get to decide if you want to pursue something that scares you, whether it’s becoming a certified tree climber in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; or maybe it’s jumping over a school bus on a BMX bicycle. Whatever the fear is, you have the ability to create your future by pushing past it and moving forward into it calmly. I’ll be honest, I was terrified putting on that harness and climbing my first tree, especially with tools by my side and a chainsaw waiting for me at my destination of thirty-three feet. I managed to move past that fear only by “getting my feet wet”. That comfort zone shields you from mistakes, and the natural fear to make them is what depreciates our momentum forward; let it go!

If you have the opportunity to be mentored in your nine to five work life I highly suggest paying respect to those who wish to train you. I am truly blessed to have worked with Tree Service Nanaimo and that is the main reason why I am hear sharing my story, because this is a lesson others can benefit from. Another thing I’ve learned in my very short time on this planet, is that if neither of us are benefiting, I am not interested. I will simply focus on me and my focus because I know I can move to my destination quicker or it’s because I’ll have a lesser chance of getting my feelings hurt. If you know about woman, or men, and how easily your heart can be broken, you’ll understand that all human beings have feelings.


Remember to keep monkeying around! Experiment, flow, and live the life you want to create by imagining it and doing the work required!


If you ever want to share of any your fears, and what it took to get past them, or maybe speak with me about what you think I can advise to help you move forward through them, I will always make myself available to you.