Salvaging Old Baubles to Make Strange Art Displays

salvage art

The photo above is one I can across by chance on the internet and it inspired me to find old baubles around the house and salvage them with my hands! Salvaging is one of the things I have neglected over the past month, a blogging is another thing. So to salvage my self back into feeling creative I now have many weird art displays on my dressers, window sills and landings of all sorts. I have Lego figurines, dolls wearing jewelry, and I am even gluing Hot Wheels onto my ceiling to make it look like cars are racing around through the hallways!

Feel free to call this a strange faze of mine because that’s exactly what it is!

Here’s some other cool things I’ve done over the past few days:

  1. Put a watch around my toothbrush holder.
  2. Tapes a painting to the ceiling.
  3. Glued different parts of different broken garden gnomes together to make strange, new ones and put them on my roof to creep out passersby.
  4. Put a stuffed dog in the fireplace I never use.
  5. Put fake mice in the Christmas tree.

Because it’s Christmas time I have all the excuses I need to be weird in this regard. Some of my friends who have visited honestly think something’s wrong with me but that’s okay. I know this is just a faze and I’m having all the fun with it while I can. If it isn’t a faze, please, God, help me!