Salvaging a Happy End from a Rough Year

2020 was rough for most people. I don’t need to say much about that. What I do want to say something about is how we can still end the year happily. Looking forward to 2021 and all the possibilities for regrowth has really helped me see the positive light behind all the trouble. I don’t know what your trouble is, but I bet you have something troubling you and 2020 might have made it worse. Maybe it made it better. Either way, 2021 is a chance to grow and repair our troubled lives.

I personally had a fairly rough year but not so much compared to others. I don’t want to say exactly what happened to me. Just know that all is okay now after a few months of teeth-grinding work to get things in order.

Another thing that really helps me salvage a good end to 2020 is all the people out there being to kind to one another. There are so many new charities that have sprung up since the pandemic. I hope they stick around to spread positive change.

Anyway, if that’s what this blog post can do–spread positive change–then this is a really happy end to the year.

Have a blessed 2021 everyone.