Enjoy Mud?

I have more dirt biking stories than I care to remember… Spent a lot of my youth exploring the back roads and having a great time ducking and dodging throughout the trails that had little to no life on them. Hurting people on the trails wasn’t an issue (crashing into them) and thankfully I never came across any wild animals either. The trails were basically abandoned from what I could tell, every single time I was out there you could hear birds chirping and that was about it. I would floor it down these trails, sometimes I would just see branches a couple feet before they were right in front of me; this is what I meant by ducking and dodging. 

Some memories just won’t leave my head; I had a couple severe wipe outs along with some memorable victories when it came to speed, coordination, balance, and timing. In fact I think it was riding on these back roads and testing mine and my bikes limits on a number of different jumps that inspired me to begin practicing tricks on an old BMX that I picked up from a local market.


The Old Truck And Camper Package

Oh man oh man do I have stories about this old kit of mine… I no longer have her in my possession but I am sure who ever has her is taking good care of her. Yes, I am talking about my beautiful old GMC… I worked for a drain service company living in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada. The owner of the company owned this truck before me and I ended up snagging it from him for overtime hours! Blessed I am, this old beaut got me to music festivals, family gatherings, dates, paintball competitions, and so much more… Do you have a vehicle that brings back memories like the ones flowing through my brain right now? The amount of flashbacks I am having is absolutely insane, I knew starting this blog would be a good idea!




Ever Crush A Leg?

Oh boy did I crush my leg! I have a strong passion for snowmobiling as the art itself is so hard to master and putting in your own little twist is even more of a challenge. Accidents happen and one that I won’t forget happened in the nineties…. Definitely did not expect to be rushed to ER that day but hey, sometimes God throws you curve balls and you just have to run with it right?


The Introduction!

Blessed I am; my name is Thomas Scott.


I am so happy to be able to share, I am new to blogging and I already see all the tweaks I am going to have to make from old writing habits from high school. I used to create so many abbreviations like back when I had my flip phone! Does anyone remember having the first flip phone? A beautiful time period! I am going to be fairly brief here as my day is packed with client consultations and a lot of grunge work unfortunately. I hope you all have taken the liberty to learn a little bit about me. After reading my about me page you’ll understand why I call myself a ‘lone wolf’, and it’s not just because I spend most of my time in a shop fixing cars and helping locals in solitude. There is a big picture that is really hard to put into words sometimes, I think I did an alright job!

I am excited to get started, first off I’d like to say that I’ll be sharing a number of stories, ideas, concepts, and fundamentals I apply to my life.

  1. Be Kind
  2. Be Honest
  3. Be Respectful
  4. Help Others
  5. Don’t Beat Yourself Up Because You Are Not Perfect!

These are some fundamentals I will leave you with today, I’ll be back to share a story about my first snowmobile accident, I learned a lot about fixing em’ spending a number of years in the praries.