It’s Easy To Contact Me

I like to make it easy, contacting me is a piece of cake. Though I prefer not to give out my personal information over the internet, I do have a sites address that notifications get┬áprompt to my phone; so it’s really no difference. Such a cool feature in 2016, you can communicate with people almost instantly as you’ll literally feel a vibration in your pocket if you so choose. (When someone would like to speak with you.)

Any questions regarding my articles, posts, and writings? Want to know a little bit more about me myself? I’m turning this salvage car site into something more in-depth. I am going to share ideas, concepts, stories, and opinions on my personal take on automobiles! Want to know more about it? I’d love to share!

This is a new journey for me, something a little different that I don’t have much experience with, (blogging). Looking forward to getting my feet wet and excited to hear opinions on what I choose to share! Salvaged cars, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, atv’s, the whole shabang when it comes to automobiles!

Check out my new site, here!