Hello My Friends!

I am ready to share an epic story of the time I went for a weekend trip to Whistler Blackcomb. Man was this trip ever exhilarating, and if you have read some of my past posts you would know I have a knack for getting in trouble on a snowmobile. It all started with a Monster Energy Drink… I had the jitters for hours and I had no way to release that energy for a number of them; of course it all bottled up and I found my way down a slope on a monster that had 650CC’s of raw power, (the daredevil in me definitely came out again). This was long after my accident and this time I didn’t plan on going off a jump blindly. Instead, I took the rush to the power of this engine, going down a slope at around 80km/hr with my balaclava barely protecting me from the wind that was hitting my face. What a rush!









Can you imagine this view? Experiencing something like this? This photo blows my mind. 

This ride lead to a long conversation with a gentleman who actually had a severe accident in the early 2000’s which lead to an amputation of his right leg; still a very empowering individual. I talked with Craig for a half hour or so and we exchanged business cards, thousands of miles away from each other as he is from Norway. Thankfully, I still have him in my cell phone as “Craig (Badass At Whistler)”.

I was very confident that day as I didn’t crash and I did some pretty silly things that are most certainly frowned upon at Whistler Blackomb. Now why was I so confident? I think it was just that energy drink! My energy levels were off the charts and I barely could hold a relaxed conversation as I constantly had to be moving and all I could think about was going down steep hills at high speeds. I will never forget this day, not only did I meet an incredible individual from Norway but I also unleashed my daredevil again, I’ll be one to say, if you’ve had a severe crash in the past coming back stronger is a challenge, but with sheer determination and a love for the rush you’ll do it no problem.