Free Falling!

Little bit of a surprise happened earlier this week and I thought I would pop in to tell you all a little bit of a crazy story. This one doesn’t involve dirt bikes, cars, or snowmobiles but it does involve planes!

Me and a very close friend of mine made the decision too jump out of a plane. Yes, you read correctly, jump out of a plane. Now what gave us the crazy idea? Well if you haven’t already noticed, I definitely do have a little bit of daredevil running through my veins; I get stimulated by adrenaline to say the least. Last time I was in Las Vegas I went on something called “The Big Shot”, too many times to count really. This thing basically slingshots you in the air and when your at the very peak your 1200ft above ground; this is a rush. 

I highly encourage my readers to take the tour to Las Vegas, what a memorable experience (from what I can remember…)

This get’s back to my story of ‘The Jump’ :

So me and my friend Caroline were in a local coffee shop, catching up and all that good stuff; sure enough we started sharing our experiences with frightening occurrences. Now one thing lead to another and we basically made a pact to find the cheapest and most frightening sky jumping association in the area.

Not only did we jump out of a plane over 10,000ft above the surface of the earth but we did so with no hesitation! This girl is crazy guys, I’m telling you. Before we made this ‘pact’ we talked a lot about our early childhood (we dated a little bit back in high school). One thing led to another and sure enough a week later we were jumping out of a plane together. How is that for catching up? I am surely grateful for this experience, and seeing her again. It has been a long time since I have put myself in a relationship, the problem with Thomas Scott is I have trust issues. Why do I have trust issues? Possibly mental abuse, possibly having my heart broken in the past, or maybe my perfectionism has finally gotten the better of me and I can’t fathom in my mind including another individual, woman or man, into ‘my one man wolf pack’.

This got a little personal, I apologize for that. I don’t often share how I feel with others and the reason being is written above. I guess sometimes you do have to go out on a limb to see what happens, fight or flight I assume. With this girl I am willing to take the risk of getting stomped on or “having my heart crushed”. Why?

  1. Catching up turned into jumping out of a plane together (how many times does that happen)
  2. Our history
  3. We click and nothing seems to be forced
  4. This girl is into me and I haven’t felt like this in years

Okay, that is enough about me and my love life. Though I did feel the need to share this with somebody and who knows, if you have been following what I have written so far and like what you see, contact me here and share something about yourself, I am all ears.


(Maybe I can get her to go with me again.)