Focus And Solitude When Your In The Shop

I’m working on this 96′ Honda Civic, the guy who brought it in has tuned this thing to a T. It really blows my mind how much money he has put into it, some people have there picks and I’ve grown to understand that. I am an old truck kind of guy, love my old GMC’s and old Chevy’s; I could go on for hours about how much I love the old 48′ Chevy pickup.

Replaced the rad, hoses, and power steering lines on this little thing, was finishing balancing the car out and I get a phone call from my cousin Zo. Now I haven’t spoken with Zo in some time, the man is a genius and it was great hearing from him. He’s got a little guy, nine years old, and he’s talking about filling the house up with a couple more little ones. I’m looking forward to having kids, but I still think I got a long ways to go financially. When I have my daughter or son I hope to be a position where money simply isn’t an issue, to be in a state where the cost of something doesn’t cross my mind twice, (needed expenses only). Talking with Zo about kids was quite lifting, he owns a window and gutter cleaning company called Glass Guys Window And Gutter Cleaning, the amount of business that man generates has him booked almost three weeks in advance; all throughout the year.

For him to be taking such good care of his son, managing the company, employees, doing estimates, and renovating his basement while still maintaining a healthy relationship has my mind running in circles… How is that for being an expert in efficiency? I’ve read some reviews on his company website along with hearing through the grapevine that his company is top-notch; I’m very proud of him. 

Now before this phone call I was in such focus, I’ve been thinking a lot about my career choice, and the amount of solitude I put myself through, well, I’m not sure if it’s the healthiest choice. Who knows, maybe this dating thing might work out!


Focus And Solitude When Your In The Shop


More often than not, being in the shop brings me nothing but joy. I could be frustrated with a rusted nut or a snapped bolt or even a leaky tire that won’t plug properly, at the end of the day I still close the door and smile. So yes, I am most certainly what some would call a “grease monkey”. Why am I having second thoughts about this for the long-term then? I am asking all of you who choose to read this, any advice helps. I think for the long-term I’d like to invest into a restaurant or a local pub, I am not chef but I do make a mean grilled cheese. I understand it’s a shift, but I would never stop working on clunkers, ever. Till the day the lord decides to take me, I’ll be part grease monkey, and I write this proudly. I have helped so many locals with the work that I do and this is not me trying to toot my own horn but I have done so happily. Something about fixing an engine or seeing a car go from “zero to hero” in a matter of weeks turns my key the right way. The level of focus I have in the shop is something I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, that is why I know it’s my calling, but to be brutally honest I don’t think being hunched over half of the day is good for my body.

I’m not as old as I feel some days, more often than not my work day has taken a toll on my body (my work day is everyday). Man oh man, this is most certainly enough “complaining” from me for a few weeks… I feel that if I were to run a pub or restaurant I wouldn’t be so hard on myself and I would be able to take a little better care of my body. This doesn’t include the perks of having fresh salads, home made soups, chicken wraps, and fresh vegetables around at all times.