Ever Crush A Leg?

Oh boy did I crush my leg! I have a strong passion for snowmobiling as the art itself is so hard to master and putting in your own little twist is even more of a challenge. Accidents happen and one that I won’t forget happened in the nineties…. Definitely did not expect to be rushed to ER that day but hey, sometimes God throws you curve balls and you just have to run with it right?

I’d like to begin by saying that this accident really did change my perspective on how I see things as the fearlessness of a child may creep into your adult years but you will find out through stupidity and experimentation that getting hurt is very, very, real.

I of course made the decision to go out alone, at this time there was only one individual who knew I was out in the woods and that was my Uncle Tiger. Well Uncle Tiger said three very important words before I left the house that morning and they were “Be Careful Son.”

Did I listen? Honestly, I did my best, and that’s what matters. Now what happened? Well I went out alone into the woods, snow up to my knees in some dips; about ten minutes in, I found the jump. Of course the second I laid eyes on it my heart started beating faster than normal. Instincts took over and no hesitation was put in place, I went for it, not knowing what was on the other side (like an idiot).

Now would I go back and not do the jump? Absolutely not, I feel that if I hadn’t done the jump I would’t be where I am today; and I love where I am! 

To make things a little less exciting the jump wasn’t an Evil Knievel jump, it was more like an Andy Samberg jump from the movie Hot Rod. On the other side of that jump was about a twenty foot drop, and about fifteen feet ahead was trees. I punched it, took off three quarter speed towards this thing and I went for it with God in my mind.

Now what happened? Well let’s review what I had gotten myself into, there were trees ahead and a drop below, where did I go? Straight into the trees. I landed on top of a tree as well as hitting the trunk of a larger one beside it, oh man oh man did I ever think ‘this is the end’.

To make a graphic story a little bit shorter, I was knocked unconscious with the snowmobile on half of my body… The weight of this thing took away blood circulation and if my Uncle hadn’t had a ‘feeling’ that something had gone wrong, I probably wouldn’t be here today (or at least half of me)!

What is the moral of this story? Well number one, I like to share, and number two, please before you go off a ridiculously sized jump of any kind on any piece of equipment please do go and see what you are getting yourself into! I think I should have put number two first as your guys’ safety and well being is important to me. Please take care of yourselves and learn from my ridiculous mistake. I spent days in the hospital and I don’t even remember exactly how I got there.

Uncle if you are reading this, God Bless, and I will see you sometime soon…