Enjoy Mud?

I have more dirt biking stories than I care to remember… Spent a lot of my youth exploring the back roads and having a great time ducking and dodging throughout the trails that had little to no life on them. Hurting people on the trails wasn’t an issue (crashing into them) and thankfully I never came across any wild animals either. The trails were basically abandoned from what I could tell, every single time I was out there you could hear birds chirping and that was about it. I would floor it down these trails, sometimes I would just see branches a couple feet before they were right in front of me; this is what I meant by ducking and dodging. 

Some memories just won’t leave my head; I had a couple severe wipe outs along with some memorable victories when it came to speed, coordination, balance, and timing. In fact I think it was riding on these back roads and testing mine and my bikes limits on a number of different jumps that inspired me to begin practicing tricks on an old BMX that I picked up from a local market.

I was never the best BMX rider but I did get pretty nifty with a number of my tricks.. Bar spins, 360’s, grinds, riding vert, tail whip’s; love these memories. That wasn’t that long ago, I could probably pick it up again and adapt pretty quickly, the muscle memory must still be there…

I started writing this post because I wanted to share some dirt biking stories but now I’ve kind of drifted to riding BMX bikes, I wish there was some way to get immediate responses from the people who decide to follow this blog. If this was a possibility I could ask you guys right now: Dirt Bike Stories Or BMX Stories? Since that isn’t the case I will continue with what I had originally planned and leave the BMX stories for another time. Like I said above the trails I used to ride on were basically dead, lots of trees and waaaaay to many bushes but little to no wild life. This always surprised me, all I ever heard was birds but I still remember looking specifically for what I used to call ‘spirit deer’ as they have always been such a spiritual creature in my eyes.

Riding down these trails taught me a lot about myself and my limits. I found great value in riding by myself cause it took me just out of my comfort zone yet I wasn’t stupid enough to do something that I would completely regret; other than that one time when I was experimenting with my snowmobile…

I remember having lunch with my grandmother and my sister one afternoon, I was anxious to go out riding and barely finished my soup before dashing to the door to put on my riding boots. I remember the details because that was the day my grandmother told me that she has faith in whatever I choose to pursue. Now for what ever reason that didn’t mean a lot at the time but I think back to it and cherish it… After lunch I mounted my bike and took off into the woods, this was always an exhilarating feeling.

Now I talked a little bit about ducking and dodging through the trails, well now I am going to share with you all how I learned to duck and dodge… The center of my goggles/helmet hitting the middle of a tree branch with at least a 4″ diameter, took me right off my dirt bike and flat on my back. Now how did this happen? Well I was in a position where I was making myself as close to the tank as possible, I hit a tree root or a rock of some kind that elevated my posture and sure enough it was just at the right height to go head to head with this abnormally large branch.

It’s funny how we continue to do silly things once we’ve already had to learn the lesson. I was going way to fast and obviously wasn’t looking that far ahead, honestly I was probably focused on how good my grandmothers soup is; and my destination which was this pocket of mud that I loved spinning my back tire in.

If I can make any suggestions when it comes to riding safe, it’s this: PLEASE LOOK AHEAD!