Do you ever have those nights?

My current reality is that I have a sleeping problem. Some people call it insomnia and others call it a “busy mind”, or “monkey mind”. Well I have been working relentlessly to train my “monkey mind”. I thought it was funny I would begin this way because it has this seriousness to it but at the same time I can have this not so serious photo of a monkey as my introduction.

Why this monkey you may ask? 

Well, the expression being shown, I can relate to.

Me when I can’t sleep… 

So this started with me saying I’ve had some issues sleeping, and I am well aware I am not the only one with “insomnia”, but I have had some very taxing experiences with the struggle throughout the years which brings me to this point. LAST NIGHT I SLEPT LIKE A ROCK! I am truly blessed for this, I slept in longer than I have in what feels like months, I feel foreign to it! Though at the same time what I feel is behind, I started my morning with a face wash, my vitamins, and a small workout session. Ideally, I would have liked to be up three hours ago, therefore my days structure has completely changed.

I was suppose to go get a variety of prescriptions filled and some blood testing done, now it looks like I will be doing that tomorrow morning which I think is great, as long as it gets done! So in actuality this whole sleeping in thing has been a very good experience. I felt the need to share mainly because of my current state of mind and emotions, this feeling of being behind, is this ego? Is this confusion? or is this something else?

I appreciate all insight on this, as these days do not come frequently and I often do not feel behind; I feel ahead of the game! 

So how did I manage to sleep in when I’ve been in a constant routine of waking up at a specific time, with a specific set of objectives, and a strong understanding of what needs to get done? Well, I found my way into the alcohol. Although is wasn’t much, it was enough for the chemicals and alcohol content to completely shift my biorhythms. This may sound hokey pokey but the reality of it is, without the alcohol I don’t think I would have been sleeping in, I didn’t go to bed any later than I normally do. 

This post is definitely not something I would normally share but at the same time it’s me reaching out to you guys for advice (my readers). Perhaps anyone of you could create some form of insight on this subject, and even if it’s not the case, this is how I am feeling and boy does it feel good to express these words. I have tried melatonin, turning off all the electronics, letting a fan circulate, even warm milk! If your someone who constantly or even sporadically experiences problem sleeping, please reach out to me!

Like I said, this isn’t something I would normally share but I really liked the idea of starting things with talking about my “monkey mind”. If your interested in reading something a little more intense, check out my story of when I crashed my snowmobile!