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Salvaging Old Baubles to Make Strange Art Displays

The photo above is one I can across by chance on the internet and it inspired me to find old baubles around the house and salvage them with my hands! Salvaging is one of the things I have neglected over the past month, a blogging is another thing. So to salvage my self back into […]

A Writer’s Worst Nightmare is a Broken Laptop or Computer!

Greetings, fellow lone traveler. Today I have a funny story for you that comes with a good lesson and a bit of advice. Now this story doesn’t belong to this blog. It belongs to my good friend Chuck who recently went over to a cabin in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on a writer’s retreat with […]

Hiking Alone vs. Hiking with Company

Which is better? Hiking alone or hiking with company? To answer this, we should pinpoint the context. Hiking alone would be better if you want to get closer to nature because nature IS your only company, but hiking with company would be better if you’ve already had a lot of alone time with nature lately […]

Do you ever have those nights?

My current reality is that I have a sleeping problem. Some people call it insomnia and others call it a “busy mind”, or “monkey mind”. Well I have been working relentlessly to train my “monkey mind”. I thought it was funny I would begin this way because it has this seriousness to it but at […]

The Best Tree Service Company I Could Imagine Working For

I am going to start this off by saying how fortunate I have been with employment in my life, and this is another blessing that has come my way. I worked for months on end as a groundsman and apprentice tree climber for a wonderful company called Tree Service Nanaimo. These guys treated me like […]

I thought I had it planned!

Today I was thinking I would hop onto my laptop and begin sharing a unique story of when I was working for a company called Tree Service Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Things definitely do change, my story was going to begin with the taxing jobs of a groundsman but then I realized I wanted to […]

Well I hope I haven’t lost my touch…

I really hope I haven’t! What touch did I have though? My writing style is simple and I am just here to merely share and entertain those who wish to read further… Yes, this blog is for me to look back on and use as a tool for expressing myself honestly and such, but these […]

Hello My Friends!

I am ready to share an epic story of the time I went for a weekend trip to Whistler Blackcomb. Man was this trip ever exhilarating, and if you have read some of my past posts you would know I have a knack for getting in trouble on a snowmobile. It all started with a Monster […]

Focus And Solitude When Your In The Shop

I’m working on this 96′ Honda Civic, the guy who brought it in has tuned this thing to a T. It really blows my mind how much money he has put into it, some people have there picks and I’ve grown to understand that. I am an old truck kind of guy, love my old […]

Free Falling!

Little bit of a surprise happened earlier this week and I thought I would pop in to tell you all a little bit of a crazy story. This one doesn’t involve dirt bikes, cars, or snowmobiles but it does involve planes! Me and a very close friend of mine made the decision too jump out […]