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Do you ever have those nights?

My current reality is that I have a sleeping problem. Some people call it insomnia and others call it a “busy mind”, or “monkey mind”. Well I have been working relentlessly to train my “monkey mind”. I thought it was funny I would begin this way because it has this seriousness to it but at […]

The Best Tree Service Company I Could Imagine Working For

I am going to start this off by saying how fortunate I have been with employment in my life, and this is another blessing that has come my way. I worked for months on end as a groundsman and apprentice tree climber for a wonderful company called Tree Service Nanaimo. These guys treated me like […]

I thought I had it planned!

Today I was thinking I would hop onto my laptop and begin sharing a unique story of when I was working for a company called Tree Service Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Things definitely do change, my story was going to begin with the taxing jobs of a groundsman but then I realized I wanted to […]

Well I hope I haven’t lost my touch…

I really hope I haven’t! What touch did I have though? My writing style is simple and I am just here to merely share and entertain those who wish to read further… Yes, this blog is for me to look back on and use as a tool for expressing myself honestly and such, but these […]

Hello My Friends!

I am ready to share an epic story of the time I went for a weekend trip to Whistler Blackcomb. Man was this trip ever exhilarating, and if you have read some of my past posts you would know I have a knack for getting in trouble on a snowmobile. It all started with a Monster […]

Focus And Solitude When Your In The Shop

I’m working on this 96′ Honda Civic, the guy who brought it in has tuned this thing to a T. It really blows my mind how much money he has put into it, some people have there picks and I’ve grown to understand that. I am an old truck kind of guy, love my old […]

Free Falling!

Little bit of a surprise happened earlier this week and I thought I would pop in to tell you all a little bit of a crazy story. This one doesn’t involve dirt bikes, cars, or snowmobiles but it does involve planes! Me and a very close friend of mine made the decision too jump out […]

Enjoy Mud?

I have more dirt biking stories than I care to remember… Spent a lot of my youth exploring the back roads and having a great time ducking and dodging throughout the trails that had little to no life on them. Hurting people on the trails wasn’t an issue (crashing into them) and thankfully I never […]

The Old Truck And Camper Package

Oh man oh man do I have stories about this old kit of mine… I no longer have her in my possession but I am sure who ever has her is taking good care of her. Yes, I am talking about my beautiful old GMC… I worked for a drain service company living in Brentwood […]

Ever Crush A Leg?

Oh boy did I crush my leg! I have a strong passion for snowmobiling as the art itself is so hard to master and putting in your own little twist is even more of a challenge. Accidents happen and one that I won’t forget happened in the nineties…. Definitely did not expect to be rushed […]