About This Lone Wolf

Grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


A little town called Brentwood Bay, what a place to grow up I’ll tell ya. Nothing fancy, though I heard now the place is filling up with condos like crazy… It was quiet when I was there, nothing short of a ghost town; the kind of place you could walk around at 9:30pm and have the place be empty. Me and friends would run around at night and be ‘little rebels’ running and playing in the middle of the intersections cause we thought it was hilarious that we could break the rules at night. Love my home town I would go back in a heart beat, I have a lot of family in Victoria.

I moved to Weatherford, Oklahoma in my mid teens (another small town.) Learned a lot about cars and a lot about dirt bikes during those times… I’m still a young guy, twenty seven and counting! In Oklahoma is where I met a number of great mechanics who really showed me the ropes when it comes to rebuilds and replacing parts. Learned some cosmetic maintenance, basic process of elimination, all the way to rebuilds.

Spent some time in the Praries where I learned a lot about snowmobiles, busting up so many you gotta learn to fix em’! Now I am currently working out of my aunts shop; she’s full of magic when it comes to cars! I may get her to write an article for you guys sometime in the future but we’ll see, she’s not very tech savvy but she does love to write. So I’m a passionate, dedicated, self-motivated lone wolf who takes pride in the work I do for people; helping people is my course here on planet earth, I’ve accepted that.

Why do I call myself a ‘lone wolf’?

It all started when I was young, sprung up in my teens, and now in my late twenties I’ve come to the full conclusion that I work best alone. My feelings often intrude on my social skills and I lose the ability to communicate when I know something is suppose to be done a certain way. It’s a fault I have, not afraid to write about it and if your going to be following my website I wish to share it with all of you… I call myself a lone wolf because I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore. I often think and feel that I bring more pain to the circumstance simply by my response to it, not intentionally, I’m just being me… I help from a far and when I am called I respond accordingly, that is how I choose to live my life.

I’m learning, and I am far from perfect, but this is a little bit about me.

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