A Writer’s Worst Nightmare is a Broken Laptop or Computer!

Greetings, fellow lone traveler. Today I have a funny story for you that comes with a good lesson and a bit of advice. Now this story doesn’t belong to this blog. It belongs to my good friend Chuck who recently went over to a cabin in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on a writer’s retreat with his laptop. His entire life is on that laptop. For years prior, I always used to tell him that he should have the habit of backing up his storage, especially because he’s a writer. But, you know Chuck, he never listened. So then there he was, taking a ferry over to Vancouver Island where writers get pumped full of coffee and use fake names in the states. You’d be surprised how many American best selling self-published authors are actually little old ladies in BC. Yup, even Chuck is like a little old lady with his thin hair a delicate lips. He uses a napkin like a nit.

Anyways, you might be wondering what kind of material Chuck likes to write on his little laptop. It’s kind of ironic because he writes rather grim and gruesome horror with a lot of blood and screaming, and, as you might expect, this funny story is also a horror story. That’s right, Chuck writes like a demon and can blast out a horror book in a weekend getaway. Except this time he was on a one month getaway living in a cabin by the water because he wasn’t just writing a book. Oh no, sir. He was writing an entire five book series in a single month. More than enough time than needed, which meant he got to drink and relax around the fire stove on afternoons and weekends. That’s all part of the “getaway” for him.

Now Chuck must’ve been begging his old self in the ether to have listened to me when I told him to back up his work with at least a USB drive or something, because he was just past three weeks in when–BOOM!–his laptop stopped working and he couldn’t access his books. I can only imagine how red his forehead turned (he’s usually rather pale and has a very, very large forehead). He must’ve looked like a freak as he stomped and screamed across his cabin, knocking his rum and eggnog on the ground. The people he was renting the property from lived within sight of the cabin and must’ve heard him, thinking there was a werewolf from a horror book coming to kill them. Chuck wasn’t in any woods or anything, just in a rich suburb that seemed like woods because of all the trees and water. He felt like he was in the woods when he got there, and he must’ve felt like he was in Hell at this moment. Not knowing what to do, feeling like ripping his brains out, he called me because I’m the only guy that knows his habits very well (Chuck’s a strange boy).

I kept him calm with my smooth and sexy voice, telling him all would be right. When he asked me what I should do I put down the phone and quickly searched for computer repair Victoria on my own laptop and then gave him a phone number he should call. Now Chuck’s rather lucky because Computer Repair Nerds came to his cabin within an hour and fixed his laptop so that he was able to access all the work he had done. Such a close call, however, proved to make sure that Chuck would start backing up his stuff on multiple online storage services, external hard drives and USB sticks from now on. Actually, I think he backs up his stuff a little too often now. He can’t write a chapter without pausing for a minute to back it up. This has resulted in slower production, but he feels a lot better.

Ah, God bless you Chuck. May no other foolish writer do the things you did!