Salvaging a Happy End from a Rough Year

2020 was rough for most people. I don’t need to say much about that. What I do want to say something about is how we can still end the year happily. Looking forward to 2021 and all the possibilities for regrowth has really helped me see the positive light behind all the trouble. I don’t know what your trouble is, but I bet you have something troubling you and 2020 might have made it worse. Maybe it made it better. Either way, 2021 is a chance to grow and repair our troubled lives.

I personally had a fairly rough year but not so much compared to others. I don’t want to say exactly what happened to me. Just know that all is okay now after a few months of teeth-grinding work to get things in order.

Another thing that really helps me salvage a good end to 2020 is all the people out there being to kind to one another. There are so many new charities that have sprung up since the pandemic. I hope they stick around to spread positive change.

Anyway, if that’s what this blog post can do–spread positive change–then this is a really happy end to the year.

Have a blessed 2021 everyone.

Salvaging Old Baubles to Make Strange Art Displays

salvage art

The photo above is one I can across by chance on the internet and it inspired me to find old baubles around the house and salvage them with my hands! Salvaging is one of the things I have neglected over the past month, a blogging is another thing. So to salvage my self back into feeling creative I now have many weird art displays on my dressers, window sills and landings of all sorts. I have Lego figurines, dolls wearing jewelry, and I am even gluing Hot Wheels onto my ceiling to make it look like cars are racing around through the hallways!

Feel free to call this a strange faze of mine because that’s exactly what it is!

Here’s some other cool things I’ve done over the past few days:

  1. Put a watch around my toothbrush holder.
  2. Tapes a painting to the ceiling.
  3. Glued different parts of different broken garden gnomes together to make strange, new ones and put them on my roof to creep out passersby.
  4. Put a stuffed dog in the fireplace I never use.
  5. Put fake mice in the Christmas tree.

Because it’s Christmas time I have all the excuses I need to be weird in this regard. Some of my friends who have visited honestly think something’s wrong with me but that’s okay. I know this is just a faze and I’m having all the fun with it while I can. If it isn’t a faze, please, God, help me!

A Writer’s Worst Nightmare is a Broken Laptop or Computer!

Greetings, fellow lone traveler. Today I have a funny story for you that comes with a good lesson and a bit of advice. Now this story doesn’t belong to this blog. It belongs to my good friend Chuck who recently went over to a cabin in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on a writer’s retreat with his laptop. His entire life is on that laptop. For years prior, I always used to tell him that he should have the habit of backing up his storage, especially because he’s a writer. But, you know Chuck, he never listened. So then there he was, taking a ferry over to Vancouver Island where writers get pumped full of coffee and use fake names in the states. You’d be surprised how many American best selling self-published authors are actually little old ladies in BC. Yup, even Chuck is like a little old lady with his thin hair a delicate lips. He uses a napkin like a nit.

Anyways, you might be wondering what kind of material Chuck likes to write on his little laptop. It’s kind of ironic because he writes rather grim and gruesome horror with a lot of blood and screaming, and, as you might expect, this funny story is also a horror story. That’s right, Chuck writes like a demon and can blast out a horror book in a weekend getaway. Except this time he was on a one month getaway living in a cabin by the water because he wasn’t just writing a book. Oh no, sir. He was writing an entire five book series in a single month. More than enough time than needed, which meant he got to drink and relax around the fire stove on afternoons and weekends. That’s all part of the “getaway” for him.

Now Chuck must’ve been begging his old self in the ether to have listened to me when I told him to back up his work with at least a USB drive or something, because he was just past three weeks in when–BOOM!–his laptop stopped working and he couldn’t access his books. I can only imagine how red his forehead turned (he’s usually rather pale and has a very, very large forehead). He must’ve looked like a freak as he stomped and screamed across his cabin, knocking his rum and eggnog on the ground. The people he was renting the property from lived within sight of the cabin and must’ve heard him, thinking there was a werewolf from a horror book coming to kill them. Chuck wasn’t in any woods or anything, just in a rich suburb that seemed like woods because of all the trees and water. He felt like he was in the woods when he got there, and he must’ve felt like he was in Hell at this moment. Not knowing what to do, feeling like ripping his brains out, he called me because I’m the only guy that knows his habits very well (Chuck’s a strange boy).

I kept him calm with my smooth and sexy voice, telling him all would be right. When he asked me what I should do I put down the phone and quickly searched for computer repair Victoria on my own laptop and then gave him a phone number he should call. Now Chuck’s rather lucky because Computer Repair Nerds came to his cabin within an hour and fixed his laptop so that he was able to access all the work he had done. Such a close call, however, proved to make sure that Chuck would start backing up his stuff on multiple online storage services, external hard drives and USB sticks from now on. Actually, I think he backs up his stuff a little too often now. He can’t write a chapter without pausing for a minute to back it up. This has resulted in slower production, but he feels a lot better.

Ah, God bless you Chuck. May no other foolish writer do the things you did!


Hiking Alone vs. Hiking with Company


Which is better? Hiking alone or hiking with company? To answer this, we should pinpoint the context. Hiking alone would be better if you want to get closer to nature because nature IS your only company, but hiking with company would be better if you’ve already had a lot of alone time with nature lately and need someone to talk to.

This is why instead of saying one is better than the other, I want to stress when you should hike alone and when you should hike with company so you can decide.

Hiking is taking your butt off into the woods or a mountainside and going off through the trails with nothing but what you can carry on your back. Some people go for week-long hiking excursions, beating through the bush with a machete. Other times people go hiking for twenty minutes just so their dog can poop. For ease of discussion, I will generalize “hiking” by stating that we’re talking about your typical one to two hour long hike through your local park–nothing extreme. (more…)

Do you ever have those nights?

My current reality is that I have a sleeping problem. Some people call it insomnia and others call it a “busy mind”, or “monkey mind”. Well I have been working relentlessly to train my “monkey mind”. I thought it was funny I would begin this way because it has this seriousness to it but at the same time I can have this not so serious photo of a monkey as my introduction.

Why this monkey you may ask? 

Well, the expression being shown, I can relate to.

Me when I can’t sleep… 


The Best Tree Service Company I Could Imagine Working For

I am going to start this off by saying how fortunate I have been with employment in my life, and this is another blessing that has come my way. I worked for months on end as a groundsman and apprentice tree climber for a wonderful company called Tree Service Nanaimo. These guys treated me like I was a journeyman! Certfied ISA arborists who would look at the rookie with the intentions of helping him grow, not making him feel like he is a mouse and they are raccoons (cause I have worked in trades where that is the theme).

This opportunity taught me a lot about safety, a lot about specific tree removal procedures and services, and let me tell you something guys, that stuff is no joke; nothing but hard work as a groundsman! The only break I felt I had was when I was forced to walk the falling lines where there was no chance the debris would hit me, and once it was grounded I would be the one to haul it away! This doesn’t sound like the greatest gig does it? One thing that it really was was an honor to work with Tree Service Nanaimo. Ivan and his team of arborists made me feel at home and even though my stay was short I would recommend working in the tree service industry as long as you can find a company that is willing to treat you right.

Let me be clear when I say that the back breaking work that comes along with the job does have it’s perks, I lost twenty pounds! I managed to completely reshape my body in a very short period of time, but without the positive atmosphere I was put into, I seriously doubt that would have been possible.


I thought I had it planned!

Today I was thinking I would hop onto my laptop and begin sharing a unique story of when I was working for a company called Tree Service Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Things definitely do change, my story was going to begin with the taxing jobs of a groundsman but then I realized I wanted to spice things up a notch.

Hoping my readers enjoyed my last post, some would see it as a little out of character for me, but the reality of it is that I have grown a lot since the last time I shared my words.


Well I hope I haven’t lost my touch…

I really hope I haven’t!

What touch did I have though? My writing style is simple and I am just here to merely share and entertain those who wish to read further… Yes, this blog is for me to look back on and use as a tool for expressing myself honestly and such, but these words are for you as well! It has been some time and I happily followed the impulse to write today, which brings me here to share a story about Mt. Baker, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mount Baker.


Hello My Friends!

I am ready to share an epic story of the time I went for a weekend trip to Whistler Blackcomb. Man was this trip ever exhilarating, and if you have read some of my past posts you would know I have a knack for getting in trouble on a snowmobile. It all started with a Monster Energy Drink… I had the jitters for hours and I had no way to release that energy for a number of them; of course it all bottled up and I found my way down a slope on a monster that had 650CC’s of raw power, (the daredevil in me definitely came out again). This was long after my accident and this time I didn’t plan on going off a jump blindly. Instead, I took the rush to the power of this engine, going down a slope at around 80km/hr with my balaclava barely protecting me from the wind that was hitting my face. What a rush!









Can you imagine this view? Experiencing something like this? This photo blows my mind. 


Focus And Solitude When Your In The Shop

I’m working on this 96′ Honda Civic, the guy who brought it in has tuned this thing to a T. It really blows my mind how much money he has put into it, some people have there picks and I’ve grown to understand that. I am an old truck kind of guy, love my old GMC’s and old Chevy’s; I could go on for hours about how much I love the old 48′ Chevy pickup.

Replaced the rad, hoses, and power steering lines on this little thing, was finishing balancing the car out and I get a phone call from my cousin Zo. Now I haven’t spoken with Zo in some time, the man is a genius and it was great hearing from him. He’s got a little guy, nine years old, and he’s talking about filling the house up with a couple more little ones. I’m looking forward to having kids, but I still think I got a long ways to go financially. When I have my daughter or son I hope to be a position where money simply isn’t an issue, to be in a state where the cost of something doesn’t cross my mind twice, (needed expenses only). Talking with Zo about kids was quite lifting, he owns a window and gutter cleaning company called Glass Guys Window And Gutter Cleaning, the amount of business that man generates has him booked almost three weeks in advance; all throughout the year.

For him to be taking such good care of his son, managing the company, employees, doing estimates, and renovating his basement while still maintaining a healthy relationship has my mind running in circles… How is that for being an expert in efficiency? I’ve read some reviews on his company website along with hearing through the grapevine that his company is top-notch; I’m very proud of him. 

Now before this phone call I was in such focus, I’ve been thinking a lot about my career choice, and the amount of solitude I put myself through, well, I’m not sure if it’s the healthiest choice. Who knows, maybe this dating thing might work out!